Working With Your Inner Child

With a note about your magical child

Most people do not understand the inner child. As a result, they are missing out on working with one of their most powerful allies. Working with your inner child will change your life. First of all, the inner child is not the memory of who you were any years ago. He or she is much, much more than that. Your inner child is a living, breathing child who is existing in this very moment. Your inner child is experiencing the same emotions that you remember experiencing and some that you have forgotten. How can this be? All events, all time is actually occurring simultaneously. In any given moment we are merely focusing in on a particular part of our multidimensional selves — what we see as our current experience. What we consider to be past, or future is really happening right now. Because it is not in our current focus, we experience it as past or future. Modern human has evolved time into a linear experience in order to isolate and concentrate on one particular focus at a time.

The child you remember and call your past is really a living, existing multidimensional aspect of yourself. He/she is learning, growing, and changing. Since the inner child is just as alive as you are, he/she is not static. Through meditation or altered focus of consciousness, you can visit, interact with, and significantly influence the life of your inner child.

Changing Your Inner Child’s Life Changes Your Life

What happens when you influence the life of your inner child? When you interact with your inner child and assist him/her to blossom to his/her fullest potential, then you as the adult also feel the effects, changing your life in a positive way. You are capable of changing your present life by changing your inner child’s life. But how is this really possible?

We are multidimensional beings focusing on our present experience. If we change our focus, we can contact other aspects of ourselves that are existing on multi-levels and dimensions. In the third dimensional earthly experience people contact aspects of themselves which we call past lives. Just like the inner child these past lives are really occurring in the Now. We just do not normally focus on them– we must make a conscious effort to do so. As with our inner child’s existence, we can alter choices in “past” lives to affect changes in our current life focus. What we call reality is actually an illusion created from vibration. Put simply, the sum total of vibration creates a resonance which taps us into the reality stream that we experience.

Everything is connected — We are all One. Changing the vibration in one area of our existence will change the vibration in another area. Making positive changes in one part of our multidimensional existence will reverberate/vibrate into our current life focus. When a multidimensional part of ourselves is closely aligned to the emotions of our current life focus, a vortex of energy connects us to that multidimensional part, and we can easily open to it. Also, the more closely the emotions are aligned, the easier it is to change the multidimensional aspect of ourselves to positively affect and alter our current life and our current emotions.

There is a very strong emotional tie between our inner child and our adult selves. As adults, we are often aware that we react to certain situations as though we are children. In truth, we can react from our inner child’s perspective more frequently than from our adult’s perspective. As children we formed core beliefs which remain lodged in our subconscious minds. These subconscious core beliefs form the basis of many of our decisions. We, as adults, without being aware of it, create and determine our lives based on beliefs and feelings that come from our childhoods, from our inner child. By working with our inner child, we can uncover these core beliefs and we can change them. This is a powerful tool to change our current lives.

The inner child is often confused with the magical child. They are not the same. The inner child is wounded and needs healing. The magical child is an archetypal energy and is incapable of being wounded. It is the child filled with the wonder and awe of life, open to view everything as if seen for the first time, as brand new. After healing the wounded inner child, we can much more easily access the archetypal energy of the magical child and, in doing so, open our lives to wonderful, magical possibilities.

Edward Rice

Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA